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LAFCO Champagne Odor Eliminating Room Mist

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Our room mists contain odor removing technology that targets the molecules responsible for unpleasant smells, instantly transforming your space with luxurious fragrance. 

  • Luxuriate in a serene refuge from the bustle of the city below. Indulge in the crisp, sparkling aromas of a freshly popped bottle of champagne


  • Our Room Mists are crafted with premium quality fragrances and are delivered in a beautiful glass mist vessel.
    Key Ingredients in Formula:
    Odor Removing Molecules, Essential Oil Based Fragrances, Water, Alcohol, Emulsifiers, Free of Dyes and Propellants
    Fragrance Life:
    Lasts up to 750 sprays
    Each spray provides between 1-2 hours of lasting fragrance.