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Three Queens

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Time is an ingredient of perfection and this perfection is revealed in our Clear Three Queens AWB®. These most beautiful bangles are just the right pop of glimmer and shine for your wristscape, evoking the shimmer of water itself.

Ten years of perfecting our craft bring forth a tube of the most exceptional clarity housing a chain of tiny clear crystals paying tribute to life-giving water. Fine jewelry artists set our beautiful lotus bead in a modern trio of golds; yellow gold to capture the sun, white gold to capture the moon, and rose gold to capture the dawn. It is said that water has memory, and through our Three Queens AWB, we invite you to create a beautiful wristscape that guides you to hold your daily memories that will become your story, your journey…of a life well lived.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Slip each one of your Three Queens AWB on your wrist, focusing on your intention for each bangle based on the understanding that you are what you think. Make today a beautiful memory. Then…Go. Be it.

Jessica's Thought: “You are not what you think you are, rather, what you think you are.” David Wolfe

Clear Crystal Three Queens AWB® Details:

  • Set of three bangles
  • Encases a tiny string of clear crystals
  • Sealed with an exclusive Lotus Queen bead in yellow gold, white gold,          and rose gold.
  • BuDhaGirl silk box included
  • Made of medical grade polyvinyl carbonate tubing
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Handcrafted in Thailand by 20+ artisans